Many weird unnamed processes, with unknown cpu usage and info. Yet my CPU is spiking crazy

Hi, as you can see in the screenshots I have a lot of unnamed processes running. It doesn’t show any cpu usage, memory or anything. It says they are “root, -1”. What does that mean? It’s a root process yes, but the “-1”?

Also when filtering for cpu usage, I really don’t have any with unusual high load. Tho, when I go take a look at system load, my cpu’s are going crazy.

I can’t terminate or kill those unnamed processes.

I hope someone can tell me what they might be, if they are the reason for my cpu’s going crazy and if needed, how to fix it.

In advance, thank you for your kindness and help.

Does top provides the information you lack?

I have seen some of them also on my laptop, but I identified to be the auto update from Opera browser that cannot be disabled from the browser settings, so I cured with this:

chmod -x /usr/lib/opera/opera_autoupdate