Many "file already exists" error, while installing lib32-nvidia-utils

Manjaro KDE Minimal.
Hello! I want to install lib32-nvidia-utils on my GTX 650 card. There is already driver 470 installed and working.
When I try to install that package I got this output with many “file already exists” errors:

I’m new to arch-based systems. Any questions, suggestions? Describe it to me, please.

RTFM :slight_smile:Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro

You installed Nvidia drivers the wrong way initially (I assume from the non sense log you provided), from Nvidia website, and messed up your system because of that, first remove Nvidia drivers the Nvidia way with the installer you used to install them (search for how to do that), reboot, then unpdate the system properly (you know, RTFM :stuck_out_tongue: ), then reboot and install Nvidia drivers the proper way.

Thank you!
I did download driver through nvidia site. But I didn’t install it (i thought it did already).
I have succesfully uninstalled it by running ./ --uninstall. Then, through TTY (black screen due to deleted noaveu driver) I did sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300 (in my case).
I understood my mistakes and will check archlinux forum before doing similar things.

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You better check Manjaro resources before Arch Linux (and don’t post on their forum if you’re not an actual Arch Linux user), as some things may differ, like the video drivers management for example.

PS: I marked my post as Solution, you can do that yourself next time someone answers your question.

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