Many bugs when using Wayland (Drag'n'drop etc.)

Sorry for the not so useful post title, but i have a couple of problems when using Wayland that seem to be related, but I can’t really put it into one sentence. So here’s a list

  • I can’t drag and drop from one app to another. E.g. I open a zip in the archive manager and want to drag and drop files from it into nautilus. When dragging the files I get the small green + on the cursor and the option to create a new bookmark in Nautilus, but when I drop the files nothing happens. I can, however, drag and drop from one nautilus window into another nautilus window
  • I can’t make a firefox tab to become its own window by dragging and dropping it. It just says in its original window
  • When I get a message in Element (Matrix client) containing a link and click on it, it get “Firefox is already running, but is not responding […]”. However it works, when I click on a link I got in Thunderbird

All of this does not happen with X11. And as far as I remember also worked before the update to Gnome 40.

Anyone got an idea how to solve this?

If wayland isn’t working for you and there is no compelling reason which outweighs all the problems you listed, just stay on X11 for the time being.

On X11 the saturation of the colors is very low while on Wayland it’s fine. (While before the Gnome 40 update the colors were fine on both). So if I find a way to adjust the saturation on X, I’ll indeed switch to it.

Also maybe see this topic as a bug report as well

Better check/file such bug reports upstream as Manjaro is a distribution and the team invovled does not develop desktop environments or mentioned applications.

Where would I want to do that? Gnome, Wayland, AMD or somewhere else?

That’s always a difficult question as multiple elements of the software stack could be the cause of problems/bugs.
I can only give you my best guesses:



Depends on how the matrix client is installed: flatpack and/or snap? Then it could be one of those.
Else firefox, perhaps in conjuction with “portals” (xdg-desktop-portal) :man_shrugging: