Manjaro's packages web page

If I navigate to the add/remove software and search for example for “Tor”, I get an official, Manjaro’s repo package.
However, when I go to and search for “Tor” or any other related variant, I can’t find it.

Scroll down - the list is ordered alphabetically.
It’s there.

The three letter name is probably too short and you get a list of everything … my speculation.

You’re right. It has different name and doesn’t search the same way.

It has exactly the same name.

Can you post that name please?

it is:


On the other hand, I was looking for the Tor Browser Launcher package and it has different names.

It has the exact same name as it is in my sceenshot above the next entry. And here it is in pamac. In both is goes for torbrowser-launcher


Ganimede, don’t post anymore in my threads please

I think OP needs to be right to feel better.
When you search for “tor browser” on the website - nothing will be found.
It will be if the search is without space or just “tor” - and that is what he started this thread with.
I already wished him well :grinning:

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