Manjaro's i3 breaks with Surf

Manjaro comes with a patched version of dmenu that doesn’t work with surf.
I consider this to be a serious flaw because dmenu is a suckless program just like surf; it was written by the same developers and was designed to work with dmenu. It behaves in a strange way where I can type stuff in and press ‘Enter’, but it doesn’t dispay my input.

I don’t know how to replace Manjaro’s dmenu with the original without dependency problems.

Isn’t that dmenu the one from manjaro’s repos ? what does pacman -Q dmenu return ?

EDIT : I just saw there is a package called dmenu-manjaro, specifically made for the i3 edition, so you might wanna uninstall it, then install dmenu the legit way

Exactly, I’m taking about the dmenu-manjaro package here. The problem is that manjaro-i3-settings requires it, which is something I don’t want to remove.

It might simply require dmenu, no matter which version (I don’t know what this package is for), maybe you can uninstall it this way

sudo pacman -Rdd dmenu-manjaro

and see if anything breaks, even with your dmenu