Manjaro's Grub bad configuration after installing Ubuntu in Dual Boot

After fixing a Manjaro’s Grub issue here on the Forum by adding amdgpu.dc=0 to Grub, i installed Ubuntu in Dual boot, in order to use Upwork, and since then manjaro boot goes to the black screen again. But manjaro’s grub is still as it was when it was working right before i installed ubuntu along side manjaro. The amdgpu.dc=0 is still exactly where it was on Manjaro Grub before,

Any idea of why ?

Manjaro’s GRUB needs to be in control. If you installed Ubuntu after Manjaro, then Ubuntu’s GRUB is in control. You need to reinstall GRUB from within Manjaro. :arrow_down:

sudo grub-install --no-rs-codes --recheck
sudo update-grub
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