Manjaro-zsh-config breaks Dolphin's console


Dolphin fails to enter folders with long path name, or path name with unicode symbols, when Dolphin’s integrated terminal is open AND zsh is set by default with Manjaro-zsh-config.

How to reproduce:

  1. Open Dolphin with F4 terminal open. Enter any desired folder,
  2. Create “Пробная папка” folder
  3. Enter that folder
  4. Repeat from step 2

After 4-6 repeats Dolphin will fail to enter that folder and terminal will throw an error.
If terminal is closed, problem does not reproduce. If ~/.zshrc file is removed, or everything is commented, problem does not reproduce.

I’ve been searching on internet and found two similar bugs 472564 – Dolphin view glitches when oh-my-zsh used in konsole panel 470031 – Long name folder containing Chinese character make Dolphin with terminal panel & zsh unable to enter the folder
Tried to reconfigure p10k - didn’t help. Returned everything to default state and removed ~/.zshrc file, rebooted and problem has gone. Something is wrong in Manjaro’s config, I think.

pacman -Qs zsh
local/manjaro-zsh-config 0.26-1
local/zsh 5.9-4
local/zsh-autosuggestions 0.7.0-2
local/zsh-completions 0.35.0-1
local/zsh-history-substring-search 1.1.0-1
local/zsh-syntax-highlighting 0.8.0-1
local/zsh-theme-powerlevel10k 1.19.0-1

Dolphin 23.08.4