Manjaro XFCE or KDE Plasma on a somewhat older PC?


Intel® Pentium® G2020 @2.90GHz
1 × 4GB DDR3
Intel Integrated Graphics 2500(1.5GiB)

I cannot Install both. And try as bandwidth is a restriction to me. What do you guys suggest? Also I’m thinking of upgrading RAM. Will 8GB enough for Manjaro KDE?

I run Manjaro XFCE on an older computer made in 2009 (Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz, 3 GB RAM), and it never lags. I can browse the web, edit documents, attend online classes, read books, and write code in it (but not many of them simultaneously). I have not tried Manjaro KDE on this computer.

KDE does not need much RAM, its ram usage is very much comparable to XFCE, maybe even a bit less than XFCE. The issue is, this processor and the graphics unit may not be able to handle KDE’s bells and whistles, if you decide to configure them.
I have used Manjaro KDE in another slightly powerful computer (with Pentium Core i3 CPU), and it works very well.

You can try both of them, and choose what works best for you.

Please do not turn this post into a flamewar between KDE and XFCE, it would only confuse OP.

Explain “I cannot Install both” in a much more detailed explanation. I have a slightly older i3 2100 built in 2019, Manjaro KDE runs fine there, although it also has Nvidia GT220 as the sole GPU and it might help a lot with the extremely smooth graphics.

I am using Manjaro GNOME on similar computer with NVIDIA GT 710. Everything works fine and smooth.

My spec:
CPU: i3-3240
RAM: 8GB (in normal cases it is used 3 GB top)
SSD 256

But if you are in doubt you can try Manjaro XFCE its more light that KDE and GNOME

I have possibly the same type of computer you do. I used to run Kubuntu for a very long time, and had no issues. Over the snap issue iI first changed to Linux Mint and the later XFCE. All Environments ran perfectly fine. But of late I enjoy the simplicity of XFCE over the bling of KDE.

You can run whatever you like, I’m quite certain your machine will run it fine.

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You could also install both, but it’s going to be a bit more hard drive space required

I waited days to Install Manjaro XFCE. Having Much lower bandwidth

There’s been enough of these threads already. Search the forum and the web.