Manjaro XFCE on Asus ZenBook: no sound

Dear all,

I’ve just installed Manjaro XFCE on an Asus ZenBook and there’s no sound from youtube or VLC.

I had Manjaro Gnome in this machine and sound worked fine, in case that’s relevant.

I have run sudo --upload and this is what I get

Could somebody please help? Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Manuel

the front end is pulse audio or pipe wire, maybe even a combo of the 2.
check your volume icon, make sure it’s set to the right output device, some times they get set to the 3.5 jack.

The volume icon looks fine.

Something I didn’t add that might be relevant is that, e.g. when I play a youtube video, the sound plays fine for the first 5 seconds, then it fades out.