Manjaro XFCE: Nextcloud-client always opens main window after automatic start

Hi folks,
a few days ago I reinstalled Manjaro on my main system after replacing the motherboard and CPU. I proceeded as usual and installed the nextcloud-client to enable synchronization with my self-built cloud (based on a Raspberry Pi 4). The computer gets its internet access via wifi, which I had to set up with a kernel module from the AUR. When the computer boots up, the wifi takes about a second to connect, but that has always been the case. Now, as soon as nextcloud-client starts automatically as usual, its main window opens and places itself in the middle of the desktop. It can be clicked away, but it’s annoying.
However, the autostart parameter - as always - looks like this software should start in the background, i.e. minimized in the system tray ("/usr/bin/nextcloud" --background). Saved XFCE sessions are also nonexistent, and the nextcloud-client settings are exactly the same as in other of my Arch-based systems (Manjaro, EndeavourOS and vanilla Arch). On those, it works as it should.

just delete the “–background” parameter. seems like it isn’t necessary anymore and even does the opposite.
works for me.