Manjaro XFCE: language pack and kernel manager not in the setting manager

I recently move from KDE to XFCE and I’m surprised not finding anymore a language pack and a kernel settings in the setting manager (here in French):

How to enable them?
Thanks for help!

Try the Manjaro settings manager. There you will find language settings and kernel.

Oups! I was not searching at the right place. Many thanks!

Pas de probleme, you are welcome. I had to look for it a while myself in the past.

Just for clarification sake, the settings manager you have in your opening post is specifically the DE’s settings manager.

Manjaro Settings Manager is in every Manjaro version. It is a front-end GUI to help users manage Manjaro Hardware Detection among other things.

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A much better and more informative answer than mine.

I think the confusion is because the KDE settings manager does show entries for the kernels and languages.

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