Manjaro XFCE for Raspberry Pi - "git pull" Problem

iam using Manjaro Linux 20.08. with XFCE Desktop for the Raspberry Pi 4.
Since iam a complete Manjaro Newbie i have an update question.

With this commands i installed amiberry (An Amiga Emulator) succesfully:

cd ~
git clone
cd amiberry
make -j2 PLATFORM=pi64

Updates for amiberry appear regularly, which I would like to install.

I wanted to update my existing files with the command “git pull”. But the message appeared that I should do this,

git config pull.rebase false # Merge (default)
git config pull.rebase true # Rebase
git config pull.ff only # only fastforward

or use --rebase, --no-rebase or --ff-only on the command line instead.

If I use “git pull --rebase” this error appears:
error: Pull with rebase not possible: You have changes that are not marked for commit.
error: Please commit the changes or use “stash”.

I have absolutely no idea what to do now. Which “git-pull” command do I have to enter so that the latest files are downloaded from the source, so that i can make an executable amiberry file with the command “make -j2 PLATFORM = pi64”?.


Have you run git status? The first time you entered and the amiberry directory and ran make it probably have created several build files. Are these being tracked, or have any files changed in the directory?

Actually git-status results in: “Your branch is at the same level as ‘origin / master’.” And then it shows me files that are different from original. That are files that i added, like the kickstart roms.

It did not tell you to run all of those commands. This message has started popping up with the latter git versions. Your git pull actually ran using the default as listed above “git config pull.rebase false”. It also tells you you can get rid of the Warning: by running “git config pull.rebase false” or you can set this default in git config by running this command. This is what I have done and all I have to do is run “git pull”:

git config --global pull.rebase false

You evidently have changed something in the git tree. Did you modify a file?
“git status” should tell you what file changed.

Have you tried doing what it said?

git stash

And then:
git pull

Thank you for your help. The directory “amiberry” contains the Amiberry emulator for the Commodore Amiga. After the emulator has been compiled, config files are of course created for use, which are located in the “conf” folder. In addition, “kickroms” and program files are added that should run on the emulator. The WHDLoad XML file can still be updated via Amiberry itself. As a result, there are of course numerous files in the folder that differ from the original on the download server.

“git stash” and then “git pull --rebase” was successful. There was no more error message. Thank you!

You probably should not do a “git pull --rebase” unless you have made new commits and want to put your work on top of the existing tree to push back to the repo. I seriously doubt this is the case with your tree and upstream will not accept it most likely unless you are authorized. Also this can cause syncing issues with “git pull”.

You should instead use “git pull” but first run this command to set your default for “git pull”:

git config --global pull.rebase false

This is what “make clean” is for. After compiling and installing run this to get rid of the new files generated. So no need for “git stash”:

make clean

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So not all files can be deleted that easily. I will back up the folders I need beforehand. Thanks for the tip and your help.

Sid1968 :slight_smile:

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