Manjaro XFCE EFI disk image file

I have downloaded the image file. I created a USB flash drive and burned a DVD to try to boot the PC. I am utilizing BIOS. The PC will not boot from either method. Upon inspection the .img file for efi seems to be compressed. May I use this as is or do I have to decompress the .img file before using it to boot. I have attempted to decompress the file however Win10 is not playing nice. I have 2 hard drives in the PC and will use dual boot. May I use the disk image as is or do I have decompress it before use.

What image file? Did you download the latest ISO from the download page?

XFCE 21.2.1 from the download page

We’re going to need more information than that to be able to help.

Yes, that’s what it’s designed for.

TY. Now I have to figure out why the PC will not boot from this iso.

Perhaps try the minimal LTS ISO.

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Here is how to Burn an ISO File - Manjaro
Make sure your PC has secure boot and fast boot disabled.
Do you have dual GPU, one iGPU and one dGPU ? Legacy or UEFI BIOS ? …

The only - from Windows - readable content on the USB or DVD is the EFI partition. The rest of installation is on ext4 filesystem - so you cannot read it in Windows.

While - in theory at least - you should be able to write the image to a DVD but if software only is writing what is visible then that’s why you cannot boot.

Manjaro ISO image is not like a Windows image where you can unpack the ISO.

The imaging software must write a one to one copy onto the DVD or USB - otherwise it won’t work.