Manjaro Xfce 64Bit - - Install A Downloaded Xfce Theme?


Running Manjaro Xfce 64Bit…

Wanted to experiment with some new themes on
I found one I like, but I am totally confused as to how to install it into Manjaro Xfce:

Can someone explain if it is compatible and if yes how to install?
Pretty happy with Manjaro Xfce 64Bit, been using it two days…


I hope you read the wiki on how-to install xfce themes. If so, where are you failing in your install?

Have you tried unpacking in your ~/.themes folder and loading the appearance manager? Just download the file, uncompress it and paste it in the /home/youruser/.themes, if don’t exist, create it previously and enjoy

Reading now, thanks!
(coming from KDE, so a little lost)



I put some themes into that folder, but they are not showing in Settings/Appearance?
See screenshot below.


try copying to : /usr/share/themes/

those are metacity themes
metacity was the window manager of/in Gnome 2
… a long time ago

you have got to search/look for
xfce themes
gtk3 themes

… even if it is all hosted at

… the same theme can be found at
in the “metacity themes” cathegory :wink:

these are archives of many things - not just what the url might suggest :wink:

that won’t make a lick of difference in this case, since it is simply a very old and incompatible theme - and copying to /usr/share/themes isn’t the way to do it anyway - except you’d want to install it system wide for any user :wink:

Thanks, I tried and it didn’t work. I thought that it would be like dealing with backgrounds. Quick question. In my /usr/share/themes/ folder, I have lots of themes that do not appear in Appearance-Style and I know I did not put them there manually. Mine are listed alphabetically and end at Matcha-Sea. Is it okay to get rid of most of them?

… what he was trying to use was just an incompatible theme - see my post above which I was still editing a minute ago

this is almost speculation, but:
in that folder normally can only end up what you explicitly installed via pacman or pamac - or they where a dependency of something that was installed by the package manager
perhaps these are themes that are also incompatible with your current Desktop Environment - perhaps they are for KDE and you are now on Xfce …

Keeping them certainly will not hurt.
But if you don’t use them, you can remove them.
… since you don’t use them/need them, why would you want to keep them? :wink:

via the package manager - not by simply deleting the directory or files in it … :wink:
they would be back after an update anyway …

The themes that do not appear in the Appearance -Settings are different from the themes in the Settings-Window Manager section. It is the same deal in my Arch VM install and my other Manjaro xfce installs. I won’t be messing around with it.