Manjaro Xfce 21.1.2 default scheme

Hello Everybody,
I’ve just installed the latest Manjaro Xfce 21.1.2 onto my Manjaro Mate.

During the installation, I formatted
but kept
as is.
When I came to reboot, the lovely Manjaro theme has been replaced by the ugly default Xfce theme.

How can I install/restore/change the default theme to the lovely Manjaro one please.

I have looked around but cannot seem to find anything definitive.

Many thanks in advance


Depends what you have searched for.

Each Manjaro ISO comes with a DE specific package. For XFCE is called manjaro-xfce-settings that will place in /etc/skel/ all the files needed during user creation to have the Manjaro specific settings.

Since you kept /home/youruser as it was, now you have to copy those files manually, from terminal:
cp -a /etc/skel/* ~
cp -a /etc/skel/* /home/yourname/

Please DO NOT use sudo ! If you have troubles with the terminal command, you can use the File Manager.
Once copied, log out and back in.


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