Manjaro XFCE 21.0.7 Installation Error (Old Computer) (Samsung R580)

Hello, My issue concerns with my Samsung R580 Laptop

Specifications of the laptop
4GB Memory (4096MB)
500 GB HDD
Intel i3 M 370 CPU
Intel Core Processor GPU

Every time I boot into my manjaro xfce bootable usb
I start up the installation and come across a puzzling problem
It always gets stuck at 1% (for 30 min) and shuts off (the computer)
Please help!
“The installer failed to create a partition table on SAMSUNG HM500JI”
Create a new partition table (type:msdos) on ‘/dev/sda’
Job: Create new partition table on device ‘/dev/sda’
Command: sfdisk --wipe=always /dev/sda

Hello @ShiningVega :wink:

I assume you have a BIOS and not an UEFI.

  1. Create a GPT Partition Table.
  2. Then create it like that:
    Partition 1 → 10MB → unformated → mountpoint: none → flag: bios_grub
    Partition 2 → 512MB → FAT32 → mountpoint: /boot/efi → flag: none
    :arrow_up: OPTIONAL: Have a EFI Partition just in case the HDD switch to an UEFI Boot. Then you can reinstall grub easily. At the moment just a placeholder.
    Partition 3 → 1G → ext4 → mountpoint: /boot → flag: boot
    Partition 4 → 30GB → ext4 → mountpoint: / → flag: none
    Partition 5 → 100GB → ext4 → mountpoint: /home → flag: none
    :arrow_up: OPTIONAL: To separate user accounts from the root partition
    Partition 6 → 6GB → Swap → mountpoint: none → flag: swap
    :arrow_up: 1.5*4096MB of your RAM for hibernation at least

Better do this in gparted and set the mountpoints in calamares, since the manjaro installer “calamares” do some unusual modifications.

For example here, when I install this way on virtualbox:


But however… it still boots :man_shrugging: