Manjaro wont boot, says a problem has occurred and the system cant recover. Contact system administrator.m

I am dual booting windows and manjaro. Today when I turned on my pc and selected manjaro linux in the grub, it went to a white screen displaying the message: Oh no something went wrong. A problem has occurred and the system cant recover. I have searched for solutions all over the internet but cant find one. Pl guide me through this problem as I have all my files in there and I cant get to boot my manjaro. I relatively new to linux and dont know much about the commands in depth.

This is a default Gnome shell message - usually caused by an incompatible extension

search for disable gnome extension from command line

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How do I get to the command line? I am only able to get till the grub bootloader after thaf I am getting the white screen of error

Hi @aadi8sharma, and welcome!

That error does not sound like anything Linux. However, it does sound Windows’ish. I think I’ve seen it before. I suspect Windows did an upgrade an overwrote grub. Or something. It has happened before, after all.

I think you need to follow this guide:

And here’s something about dual-booting just for interest’s sake:

Hope this helps!

I can’t do anything when I am at the error screen pl, at which step and how do I open the command line. Could you please explain it in more detail. I am sorry I might seem dumb but I am really new to linux

Switching to TTY should work as described no matter gnome shell is stalling.

Simply press CtrlAltF4 and you will get a TTY also called console and terminal.

If you cannot do that - you have another option in the grub menu

  • Navigate to the Manjaro entry and press e to edit command line
  • Navigate to the kernel command line using
  • append the number 3 (three) to the end
  • press F10 to boot

Login at the prompt and you have a command line

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