Manjaro won't boot after update?

Hello! I’m a relatively new/clueless Manjaro user, I’ve had it for about a year but I haven’t had the time to really work on understanding it. I installed all the available updates yesterday and upgraded my kernel, and everything seemed fine, but today when I try to boot it up it gets stuck on a loading screen. I’ve had issues with this laptop getting stuck while booting in the past but previously it’s always loaded with no further problems after turning it off/back on again. I’ve tried to Google the problem but most of the answers seem to assume either that you’ve gotten to an interactive screen or that the user has more understanding of what’s going on than I do. I feel like I’m missing some really basic troubleshooting here but I don’t know what it is! I need the laptop to finish and turn in my final papers so this is a pretty big issue for me.

It won’t let me attach a picture but I have pictures of the loading screen that I assume I can upload or link if I get to a higher trust level?

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Sorry to hear that the latest update has caused problems for you, but welcome to the Manjaro forum nonetheless.

This is a good starting point for getting your system working again:

Try to work your way through that, and post again when you have further questions.

This tutorial may also help us to help you:

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From your description… I think you need to disable plymouth … on booting via grub get to the grub edit menu ? type e ? i think, remove splash from grub command line and then boot… better details available elsewhere in this forum search for “plymouth”

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Thanks to both of you–my sticking point when Googling was the grub thing but I’ve checked the wiki and it looks like I probably need a USB with Manjaro on it? I don’t think I have the original that was used to install it but I know we have a USB stick somewhere and I can bother my (currently asleep) partner about helping me with that. Was just hoping I could fix things on my own so I could get back to my schoolwork.

You don’t need anything to try what @derk suggested.
Hit ESC so you get to see the menu,
then hit “e”
(read the bottom of the screen - it is even explained there)
then remove “splash” from the grub command line for the kernel you intend to boot
then CTRL + x
or F10 (I believe - it’s also written at the bottom of the screen)
to boot.

This change is not permanent - but may allow you to boot to make it permanent then.


Thank you–my problem was that ESC wasn’t doing anything. But I did manage to get it to boot up and I have backed up my files now so that future troubleshooting will be a less urgent endeavor. Thank you to everyone in this thread!

ESC at the moment the menu would appear - but doesn’t because it has been set to … not to appear.

Close to power on.
… right after the firmware/UEFI is finished …

It has always worked - it’s a matter of timing.
Spam the key after power on. :man_shrugging:

you can’t do anything else - because:
… you don’t and won’t get any feedback

except when you get to the menu - then you succeeded :wink:

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