Manjaro with Pop!_OS COSMIC


I really like the look of Arch-based distributions of Linux, and I want to give Manjaro a go. I’m currently using Pop!_OS and one thing that I really like about it is COSMIC. This is a fork of GNOME that really improves the user experience and brings lots of new features, like a launcher, window stacking, tiling etc.

Is there any chance of this, or something like it, becoming available on Manjaro at any point in the near future? Also, could someone who knows what they’re doing give me a rough idea of what would be involved in porting it over to Manjaro?

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As far as I have heard, it’s not a fork, but rather a series of Gnome extensions.

Ya I think maybe @saluki can look at the github page GitHub - pop-os/cosmic: Computer Operating System Main Interface Components

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