Manjaro wifi problem

(Please note that I’m a begginer)I’ve just installed manjaro and everything was going ok till when I wanted to watch something everything was taking a lot of time to load and it was weird also it used to be kinda laggy then all of a sudden the network stopped and I thought that it’s just because of my wifi adapter and that it will be back on I waited but nothing happend it wasn’t finding any networks and I thought it was weird and when I tried to shut down or restart it gave me errors and didn’t let me shut down or restart now it said something like [Failed] Failed to start Network Manager and then some other things I had to stop the PC with force by switching off the power button I tried to open it again a couple of times but it still didn’t work on windows I had no problems and I don’t know why it’s happening(Btw I didn’t installed anything it’s a fresh Manjaro KDE instalation)

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