Manjaro Website Not Working in Google Chrome


The website does not work in Google Chrome (installed from AUR). It works in Firefox and in Chromium. It looks like a Javascript issue but even after enabling JS in the browser it still does not work. The sign-in and log-in buttons do not work (they are not clickable).

It looks like the browser is aggressively blocking your website’s CSP policy.

Have you changed your CSP recently?


What you show in your screenshot is the forum, not the manjaro website …
@codesardine - can you check?

Can’t reproduce … Do you use some extensions in your google-chrome?

these are the only extensions I have:

It’s this extension which is killing it


I don’t use any other extension except uBlockOrigin on my browsers, and never had any issues.

yh, I’ve disabled that extension now. I’ve had that for a while and still had been able to use the forum site but something must have changed on their side (CSP policy I bet) that’s recently caused the issue.

Anyways, I’m unblocked now.

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