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Hi everyone. I notice that today it seems that the website for Manjaro is down.

When I open, it suddenly redirects me to

Furthermore, the things in the website are outdated and does not reflect our current content. Some of the links are not working too.

I dunno why what’s causing this of course. It’s just super weird.


Yeah I am getting the same weird website.


Confirmed here too.
Thats the old website which should have been killed. Maybe we are in the middle of some transition. Maybe a mistake was made and an old redirect was re-enabled.
@jonathon @philm


(I have no access to or control over the main website.)


Hi Manjaro-Team,

since today (now) if want to go to your it
redirect to (first post from 2016)
What is happens ?
I try it from more than one machine.



There is already a thread on this issue: Manjaro Website Error


There is an issue with the Wordpress installation. Phil is busy with that thing called Real Life (you know, that thing called work which gets you money for paying for food and heat and shelter and stuff) so this is a temporary workaround.


Thanks for the information. Cross my fingers for you to find the problem.
sorry about my terryfied message.
Good luck.


Homepage is back. Seems the DB backup took longer as usual. I’ve switched it back now …


It still seems to be happening for me: I get a blank page with ’ Error establishing a database connection’.


I was working on the homepage. Hope I get all services back up shortly.


Yes, it is back! Now am already browsing it. Thanks for all the hardwork! I hope this won’t happen again in the future.

Kudos to you, Philm and others.

So the issue was caused by slow DB performance?


Why is Google Chrome flagging scripts from unauthenticated sources? is it just Google being over the top with the warnings or is there a malicious script that’s somehow been injected into the manjaro homepage?


What kind of scripts should that be? Does the browser show you some details of the blocked scripts?


no, if i click load unsafe scripts it doesn’t tell me what they are first and proceeds to load whatever they are. the help icon ? takes me to a online FAQ

As site owner you can request a review of the manjaro homepage here which should identify any problems or get the potential false positive flag removed.


I found the error. Please check again …


Hi, whatever you changed tonight fixed it the warning message is indeed gone


I suspect that this is because the main site is being loaded over HTTPS but some assets are linked to via HTTP.


it’s possible, the BBC website is now being flagged in the same manner. Whatever phil changed fixed the manjaro homepage though.

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