Manjaro wallpapers in 4k

Hey, I love the Manjaro wallpapers, but could someone tell your artist(s) that they might as well do them in 4k from now on, which scales down to 1080p without losing resolution, contrary to up scaling 1080p wallpapers.

Unless these are created in a vector program, then an SVG file would be even better for exporting to any resolution.

I have no idea what your post has to do with new merchandise in the shop, so I’ve moved it to the appropriate category.

Which wallpapers are you referring to? We have multiple wallpaper packages and numerous contributors including @bogdancovaciu and @Lunix.

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Bamboo (+ Bamboo At Night) available in 4K in Breath theme repo.

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As long as i do not know what wallpapers we are talking about, i can’t give any other link that this one

I will not touch previous wallpapers, unless someone does a specific request and are wallpapers made by me. The above are the latest i did, except the Mist one that is a photo by Stanislav Trotner.



Thanks for the reply. My comment was more about releasing future creation as 4k, since that future proofs them better than 1080p. With that said, if you could make 4k version of these I’d love to use them

In case you are wondering why I just don’t change to any random 4k wallpaper found online, it’s because I find these textured and simple wallpapers look great with transparent and/or blurred terminals. The absence of detail / visual noise behind the transparent window means the terminal text is easy to read regardless of where the window is over the image.


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Those have been made by someone that went by the name @muser - no longer in the forum, no longer contributing, and the source files do not exist. In practice as much as in theory, i can reproduce those at any size, but have to make sure there is no copyright attached to them (the concept, not the wallpapers files).

No worries, thanks for the info everyone

In practise, as well as in principle, I can replicate things at any scale, but I must ensure that they are not protected by copyright.