Manjaro very unstable and crashes almost every day

Hi, my problem is kind of in the title. It’s just crashing on me and restarting the computer every time sucks. Here’s exactly what happens:

Mouse and everything else starts to stutter very badly or freezes completely. Sometimes the stutter goes away and everything is fine. When it freezes completely, 99% of the time the computer restarts itself after a while or the whole screen goes bananas with artifacts that look like a different Jackson Pollock painting every time. Then I need to restart manually and everything is fine until the next time it suddenly happens. Usually once or twice a day. I haven’t identified an actual trigger for it besides when something new starts loading like a website or program but it can be something completely different every time. And can be completely fine next time I do the same things. I also think that when I have “too many” tabs or programs open, it starts to get more unstable. But it happens even with much less going on.

Would be thankful for some help. This is also just my second daily distro I’m using, so I’m definitely still a noob. The first one was Deepin Linux and I never had problems like this. But also I wouldn’t want to switch back to that.

Next to impossible to say - with no system info. Read this and return with some info related to your issue

If you are using a dual-core Celeron - which uses integrated graphics - even with 4GB ram it can quickly go slow - especially with browsers which tend to occupy 50-100MB each tab open.


I’d suggest adding monitoring plugins to your panel(s) so you can see if you’re filling your system in real time: