Manjaro v17.1.7 released!


Hi community,

it is was now a long time ago I found time to announce a release of Manjaro at all. We are a rolling distro and therefore you only install it once. However with this release we added some new features to mention.


  • Stefano (@Ste74) worked hard to get our Gnome Edition updated. Lot of small features got added and issues fixed.
  • Our KDE Edition got the latest Plasma, Apps and Framework added. We also worked on Octopi and added small improvements to this package manager
  • Most of the work went into Pamac by Guilllaume (@guinux). We now fixed the issue not able to select the countries our servers were located. Please check our changelog for more detailed information.
  • Frede (@fhdk) pushed new features to our core tool Pacman-Mirrors. Read also there our changelog for more details.
  • Some of our kernel work went into the bootsplash support. We will properly introduce it with our Illyria release later this year. However, it is already added, though.
  • We love latest technology. So our Grub not only supports F2FS now, but also has the support for multiple initrd images. You can even add custom firmware images to be preloaded as needed from now on.
  • Ramon (@kirek) fixed some issues in our Manjaro Settings Manager. You may find the details in our changelog.
  • This release is the second ISO release having Fabian´s (@Tids) work on simplifying our opensource graphical driver install. Please see his Merge Request for the needed details.

So enjoy this release and spread the word about Manjaro Linux. Download it for free here.

All these improvements you will also find in our special edition for the Spitfire, we have Manjaro optimized for.

Stable update 3/27?

Thanks for your work! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats! Looking forward to seeing Manjaro 17.1.7 spread its wings to the mirrors!


Been using Manjaro now for about 4 weeks on my test computer, will try a new install this weekend to my production computer.
Thanks to all the good folks here for all their hard work.
Manjaro has been most enjoyable here to say the least.


Alot of people cringe when you say production computer and rolling release. Rolling releases can catch you with updates that require data file migrations and tend not to be as stable other release models.

For example when PostgreSQL 10 came out, there was no warning when doing the update, and the disk format required a migration to move from PostgreSQL 9 to 10. So if you just blindly updated, suddenly your database would stop working and you would need to either roll back or migrate your database forward, which could have involved more downtime than you were expecting.


Speaking of Gnome. Were you guys working recently on any recurring crashes of Files when clicking “Other devices” in the side panel?


What does that mean? Is it recommended to do a fresh install with 17.1.7? Or will changes take effect on previous versions?


All of the mentioned features can be achieved on an already installed system, most will come automatically with updates.

Edit: The only “difficult” one is the bootsplash, but there are threads about it.


Great! Thanks for clearing that up for me. :wink:


Nice work team. I know this is a moot point as version numbers for a rolling release are a little meaningless…

But would it not be better to format the versions so we know when a snapshot was made for example…

The third stable snapshot released in April would be something like 18.4.3. The major obviously being the year, minor being month and revision being the update number for that month…

Just a though…


:joy: :laughing:

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Then use Ubuntu.


I agree with SealsRock12! As much as I love Manjaro, I would not use it in a Server Environment unless I really paid attention to updates! IMO… Ubuntu, Redhat or Slackware for Server Installs.


If I think well now when i will install manjaro with f2fs i must create only two partition:
/boot/efi fat
/ f2fs

i dont need create /boot ext4 for grub ?


No, it now also accepts f2fs as filesystem to be installed on.


I did yesterdays update and now I see this:
The name is still Hakoila instead of Illyria.
Is this normal or did the name not get changed yet?


I think the name will change with the upcoming 18.0 release.


All 17.1.x releases are hakoila
The name will change with 18.x


Did a new install yesterday on my production computer with Xfce Manjaro v17.1.7 with no issues. Wanted to have a separate /home directory.
The process took about 15 min after the Download, now I’m bored again. :frowning:
The only complaint I can see is that it boots in less than 5 seconds. :wink:


Fresh install of 17.1.7 completed, boot time less than 5 seconds from post to login on KDE. It’s pretty close to perfect, and pretty much the best OS I’ve ever used. Great work once again…!