Manjaro USB boot

Is there any way i can erase my manjro usb boot and replace it with a windows 10 boot i have additional USB sticks if not but if i could do it this way so i only have to use one would be great, just testing different OS’s and seeing what i like and dont like about them.

I don’t know about a Windows boot drive, but just use your ISO software to write to the drive with a new ISO, it will give you the warning about erasing everything, but that’s what you want to do, isn’t it?

yes i want to try windows 10 from scratch i have data saved on my cloud but there isnt a way to make my USB usable again?


thank you this helped im still new to this i like learning new things but obviously im not fully passionate about it

you should ask for help in ms-windows-forums for your question. this is a linux-related forum. a lot of users here can’t remember what windows is.

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The easy method is to use ventoy to prepare your usb stick.

Then copy the ISO file as is - no ‘burning’ just a one to one copy onto the stick.


i erased manjaro boot from my USB flash im having trouble making it into a format again so i can only see it on KDE partition manager and not in files. I installed GParted and is says unallocated

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