Manjaro upgrade Jan 13, 2024 shows many new "WARNINGS" this "plymouth depreciated" got my interest

(upgrade message)
The ‘plymouth-encrypt’ and ‘sd-plymouth’ hooks are depreciated. You should replace them with ‘encrypt’ and ‘plymouth’ hooks in your ‘mkinitcpio.conf’. The ‘lxdm-plymouth.service’, ‘lightdm-plymouth.service’ and ‘sddm-plymouth.service’ systemd service files are no longer recommended. You should enable ‘lxdm.service’, ‘lightdm.service’ or ‘sddm.service’ instead.

Attempted to edit this mkinitcpio.conf in the /etc directory, but I did not see a reference to what was being mentioned, and simply do not know what to do there. I thought about activating 1 of the 3 other mentioned services, lxdm, lightdm or sddm, then I considered a possible conflict and decided I better ask my more experienced peers.

My system after the upgrade is working fine. Should I ignore this, does anyone have a solution or a key word that can push me in the right direction?
*NOTE: I chose dbus broker units over dbus daemon units on Manjaro’s encouragment w/option on this upgrade. --Pacman will ask you whether to install dbus-broker-units or dbus-daemon-units-- I mention this because again, this is the most warnings I have seen yet.

One possible place to look:

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Don’t know about the other stuff but i also saw the plymouth warnings and i have it disabled. So they are shown to everybody. These hooks are not the default anyway, you should know if you have changed them. So nothing to worry.

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