Manjaro Update (28-apr-2021) X monitor issue on rpi4

Hi All,
Updated both my xfce and i3 installations with the latest stable update and now have the same problem with both.

After boot, my login screen appears; it last for about 30 seconds and then my monitor goes to sleep. no hope in waking it up. Even if I login in time, the same thing happens. Its like the Pi stops sending a signal out the port.

Switching to a tty does no good (ctrl+alt+Fx); even if you do this before the login screen comes up.

I have managed to boot my Pi into “hdmi_safe” mode; this brings everything up okay (in 640x480), and after I login, I can change to my monitors full resolution (3440x1440) with no problems. I have also disabled picom (as it was writing a lot of “page flip failed” arguments), but this did not help.

Hooking my pi up to my 4k TV does not exhibit this problem, I’m wondering if the not so standard resolution of my monitor is somewhat messing it up.

Anyone have any suggestions, or even suggestions on what to poke around with config-wise that may fix the problem. I’d prefer to have picom running, and boot up to my monitor’s full resolution by removing “hdmi_safe”.

Never had this issue until this update.