Manjaro "Trusted Users"

Hey folks,

I don’t really know if this belongs here.

Arch has a page where they list their trusted users. Manjaro does not such a list - I know this forum has a list of all admins and moderators (which can be seen as developers) and there is a page with the Manjaro Team.

Can the latter be seen as a trusted user list - users who are able to sign/package all packages and ISOs? Or are there additional humans (not listed)?

BTW I love that you have a central place for everything (the Gitlab instance) and you try to be transparent as possible :smile:


As far as I know only some of the Manjaro Team members can upload packages to the repository.


Nice! Maybe this could be clarified? I opened an issue for this.

list is short :wink:

LANG=C pacman -Si | awk -F:  '/^Pack.*@manjaro/ {print $2}' | sort |uniq

and best, we have manjaro-keyring ; complet list

pacman-key -l | grep manjaro

That list needs to be updated.


Yes there are more Manjaro team members on the forum compared to the home page.

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