Manjaro-tools (mhwd)

With the mhwd changes there are files in Packages-Mhwd that refer to nvidia-455xxx which no longer exists.

455 didnt disappear.
Are you running an experimental kernel or something?

no linux 59 on unstable and @philm removed all the nvidia mhwd monday the 30th of november.

here you go

Looks like 455 became video-nvidia

Yes they became “video59-nvidia” etc, there is also “mhwd-nvidia”, “nvidia-utils” and fixed now “lib32-nvidia-utils”

The problem is in the iso profiles actually the shared mhwd still has nvidia 455 in it which needs to be removed or replaced?

Please stop creating multiple posts for the same thing. Also please choose a clear and concise topic title instead of “Something is broken”.

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Try and run “buildiso” and see it stop at the mhwd stage, that I’m afraid fits my definition of broken i.e. not working as expected.

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