Manjaro tools in Arch

I’m well aware that vanilla Arch isn’t Manjaro. None the less I can’t help being intrigued by one idea: Considering some of the great tools Manjaro created for Arch, why wouldn’t Arch choose to port some of them back and include those in its repository? I know they were originally created for Manjaro, yet if they’re so good why not mainstream them in Arch so more users can benefit? It could also mean those tools getting even more attention and being even better developed!

I’m kinda asking this question with one particular tool in mind: Pamac. It’s literally a GUI version of Pacman, something vanilla Arch users could fully enjoy having the possibility to use! I looked this up and Pamac for vanilla Arch seems to exist but only in the AUR repository. Would this be something they may consider including officially in the core Arch repos?

Beyond that the one other thing I wonder about are parts of the Manjaro Settings Manager… rebranded as Arch Settings Manager in this case. The kernel manager and driver installer in particular are pretty neat; Even experienced people like vanilla Arch users could find themselves making use of those for system management as optional helpers.

Well, if they’d (Arch) want to, they would have done that.

I think arch is more about the KISS philosophy, and there’s simply no necessity for these GUI’s. I’ve been quite happy with only using pacman in both arch and Manjaro. Just my 5 cents.

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  1. aur is not in archlinux
  2. archlinux is KISS and manjaro tools NOT :wink:
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One of the main principles of Arch is simplicity:

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If that also applies to the software included in repositories, it probably won’t happen yeah. I know simplicity is the standing rule when it comes to what’s installed by default, hence why they expect you to setup the OS manually from a command line and just now included a generic installer at all.

This is not true btw. pamac is NOT a pacman frontend. octopi is a pacman frontend though.

AUR is not Arch. AUR is a user PKGBUILD repository created by users, we still have to build all the packages on our own computers. Anyone can make their own PKGBUILD in AUR.

That’s a good question for the Arch maintainers. But I think they might think our packages don’t follow KISS.

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The difference is what @papajoke said,

Whereas many GNU/Linux distributions attempt to be more user-friendly , Arch Linux has always been, and shall always remain user-centric […].

Apart from the fact that it should fit their philosophy, packages in the AUR display a number of votes, if there is enough demand sometimes a Trusted User (rarely a Maintainer) adopts them in their repos, for example pamac GUI has 321 votes as you can see AUR (en) - pamac-aur

Maybe, maybe not. You could try asking there and/or try to persuade them :slight_smile:

But MSM is indeed one of the things where Manjaro differs at the core level from Arch, since many operations are automated in MSM (like the pre-built driver modules, the essential kernel modules installed together with the kernel, the automatic GPU driver installation, the support of multiple kernels…)

Keep It Simple Stupid is meant for system, not for the users convinence.

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