Manjaro, then windows10

Hello People.

First of all, excuse me if my english is not correct.
I have an “issue”, i want to install windows 10 alongside with manjaro ( i’m currently using manjaro)
I dont like windows a lot, but i kinda need it ( sadly).
The thing is, i’ve seen some posts in other websites, and the answer was “its complicated”, “windows will break the boot” or " is not compatible?". Anyway, i’m not really a skilled linux user yet, and also, i started using Manjaro 1 month ago probably.
So, i’m asking if someone can tell me if there is a way to do it and not breaking anything ( or at least fixing the broken things after).
i have an Ssd and i want them on the same drive.
Do i have to format, install windows 10 and then Manjaro, or can i do it this way?

thanks! if someone answer.

Yes, always install Windows first.
You can go the other way around also, but then you have to chroot Manjaro install and restore grub … In your case, once you install Win, you will have to do this:


Hey! thanks for the answer mate, and thanks for the solution.
Is there any thing i should do with the partition i will create for windows?