Manjaro text and logo look a bit weird [Most likely my PC]

I think it can use some work when you have some time off.
I can’t tell why it is irritating me, i feel like it’s blurry. Maybe has something to do with shadows. First i thought it was low quality but after zooming in it looks ok quality wise.
The logo looks lost in there.

And IMO penguin and his blue box feel like they don’t really belong to the environment.

Categories look much better though. Support sections are not confusing anymore.

Another thing i wonder, will you be providing some sort of nickname protection for old users?

What is really lost regarding user info? Whole thing? Or is it just too much work to port?
Do you at least have nicknames and emails?

Can cause some frustration to some.

EDIT: On my laptop manjaro-chrome it looks fine, on my desktop running windows atm it looks blurry but when I run firefox it looks fine again.
So I think the problem is with me somehow.


Wth is this lol? Same PC, one from chrome one from firefox.

Maybe this ?

Edit 2: When I scroll down it’s fixed. When I scroll up to top it’s blurry.

Edit 3: This only happens with the main page icon. Does not happen with topic pages. On topic pages when I scroll down it’s fixed as the title shows up.

maybe it only appears blurred due to the drop-shadow on original image ?

Well it looks normal when i scroll down. Idk what to make of it but i think it’s about CSS. Not a great deal, i just kept posting because forum devs might be interested.

I will have look :+1: