Manjaro Talking iso rebuild


If any of you is willing to i’d like a rebuild of the Manjaro Talking iso.

The last version i build was from november and it’s not installable anymore, at least with architect, and i don’t have a working Manjaro install at my dispozal to rebuild the iso.

As far as i remember the iso profiles are in the official iso profiles repo in the manjaro-talking branch, i updated them around March.

Thank you in advance and kind regards.

I just finished the SbK 21.0 series of Manjaro spins. I have managed to get the talking-mate profile and will take a shot at building an iso. No guarantees, but since I have an iso build setup its worth a try. Since I am unaware of what a talking build is, its likely to be just an up to date vanilla Manjaro Talking-Mate iso .

I have an iso for you. I hope it is what you wanted. Thanks for the learning experience and unexpected understanding of what a talking install is.


Thank you for the ISO rebuild.
I’m just downloading it now.

Your welcome, as always suggestions and comments are appreciated.