Manjaro System Settings Input Devices category looks different on two different machines

On one PC there is a very complete interface for Touchpads that looks like:

While the other looks like

How to I get the more comprehensive and advanced interface to show?

Maybe it is related to the driver used?

The touchpad we’re trying to get working is bound to hid_magicmouse.

This seems back to front. You’d expect a generic front end that then connects to the specific driver through some sort of HAL, not that the settings interface would be determined by the driver.

What’s even weirder is that the top image is from a system that has no touchpad, therefor has no driver to dictate what interface is shown, so there is a generic configuration interface.

Maybe when there is no touchpad device it presents all possible settings, and when it detects a specific touchpad it present only the compatible settings? I’m just assuming, I don’t know.

//EDIT: System Settings/Touchpad - KDE UserBase Wiki

Settings may vary based on hardware and drivers installed.

Well, that’s not a whole lot of help…

The Settings screen the user sees doesn’t have an option for scroll speed, but the generic one does… So how are you supposed to change the scroll speed via a GUI that doesn’t present the option?

This is insanely frustrating. I can see the setting I want to access on a machine that doesn’t even have a touchpad, but on a machine with a touchpad I can’t? How does that make sense?

This post seems to imply that if you make Xorg aware of some devices you’ll get the advanced screen instead?

That’s probably difference between xf86-input-libinput and xf86-input-synaptics (which is no longer maintained and work only under Xorg) driver. Check what you have installed.

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I only have the default (libinput) on each machine.

Maybe you have installed other xf86-input-* driver. Like evdev, it’s also touchpad driver.

I have installed nothing.