Manjaro Sway - Waybar fails to start when system first starts

I’m having issues with the waybar on Manjaro Sway. After starting my PC and logging in, the waybar fails to start. If I press mod+shift+c to reload sway, only then does the waybar initialize. I tried to remedy the issue by including both exec swaybar as well as

bar {
    swaybar_command waybar

in ~/.config/waybar/config, as per this link, however neither successfully start waybar after a reboot. However, when I do a sway reload, I get both the Manjaro themed waybar in addition to a default style waybar!

I’ve found a few posts about this issue on Reddit and here on the Manjaro forums, however no one has supplied a satisfactory solution to the issue.

This is an issue for me as I specifically desire to create a custom waybar. Because of the fact that reloading initializes TWO waybars, I cannot simply reload sway to fix the issue.

I would greatly appreciate any input on how to fix this issue!

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How long did you wait for it to start.? Sometimes it seems as if waybar isn’t starting on my laptop either and then it suddenly appears.
Anyway I wouldn’t do both the exec and the bar { … } in the same config-file. Try to comment out one of those, maybe the exec first, reboot and wait a little bit more.

We now start waybar using a systemd unit after sway is started completely. Please have a look if that helps. In greetd (when logging in) make sure to select the sway-service starter.