Manjaro Sway Installer failing to load calamares

I cant run the manjaro sway installer on Computer, (Ryzen 5 3600 RTX 3070, Nvidia Graphics Driver 531.29 (latest))
When I boot into my ISO, it asks for authentication (username : manjaro , password: manjaro) After entering those I get this Message -
EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED and dri2 failed to create renderer, I tried to take a photo, but it disappears very quickly and brings me back to the password screen
I have successfully installed manjaro-sway on my laptop (nvidia graphics driver - 527.56) and it didnt even ask me for authentication it directly started the installer (Same with virtualbox)

Probably your laptop has a Intel iGPU? Nvidia is by all mean not supported by swaywm.

Yeah my laptop has iGPU Radeon graphics, I thought that was the issue too, But why isnt it written anywhere that dedicated Nvidia GPU isnt supported ?
So I can Use i3wm right? what about other WMs like Awesome or BSPWM

Then How does it Work on Virtualbox?

Really… you can run Nvidia, but it needs extra work since it is unsupported. When I search for: swaywm nvidia at DuckDuckGo Then I get a lot of information. Did you even try to use a search engine?

All of them use Xorg, while sway uses wayland. More specifically: Wayland for Nvidia is experimental. Open source drivers for wayland are rather stable.

Because it is a virtualbox with a virtual gpu, which uses a driver for a virtual gpu, which is a open source driver.

Bruh I meant why isnt it written on their github, I didn’t search swaywm nvidia, I just searched the error I had gotten, and never saw all these posts,
I got a result for Vanilla Arch and it had the --my-next-gpu-wont-be-nvidia flag but that didn’t work for me Probably coz I wasnt adding flags at the correct place or something
So I moved on

It actually is written: Home · swaywm/sway Wiki · GitHub