Manjaro sway configuration manual

I am an experienced user of I3 and Sway window managers. I recently installed Manjaro Sway and I like the way it integrates into the system like a desktop environment.
There is no easy way to understand the configuration “logic” behind the scenes.
I followed references from configuration files and scripts and they are spread throughout the system.
I’m sure there’s a configuration logic behind it, but I can’t find any user manual.
I followed the faq to change key bindings but system configurations are overriding my settings. I also tried the unbindsym but it seems that the system read this before the defaults so there are no bindings yet to unbind. It throws exceptions (errors).
Is there a manual or something to guide me or do I have to reverse engineer by making a tree diagram of the default configuration files to find my way out?

There is no guide yet, the faq would be the best place to start currently.

For starters I created a little override to a file .config/sway/config.d/01-test.conf:

$unbindsym $mod+d
$bindsym $mod+d exec manjaro-sway-theme

Now Super+d is bound to open the theme selector. Perhaps you could explain a bit more what doesn’t work, I am sure I could help!

Theres always the ArchWiki

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My config is behaving in exactly the same way.
If I just write
unbindsym $mod+d
in a ~/.config/sway/config.d/usr.conf file and reload it, the system reports:
“Error in line 1 (…) ‘unbindsym $mod+d’: Could not find binding ‘Mod4+d’ for the given flags.”
If I define this shortcut (as in the above example, just without unbindsym), it is overwritten by the system default (and execs program launcher). So the default config seems to be loaded after ~/.config/sway/..., as the system default is working.

I also had the following issue: my keyboard layout was set correctly everywhere, only the standard (us) was used for the shortcuts. However, I was able to solve this via config:
input * xkb_layout LANGUAGE

Unfortunately I am a total newbie in Linux. But I love tiling and Manjaro-Sway convinced me after PeuxOS-I3 caused more problems!