Manjaro SWAP not available on installation

Hello there,

As I said in the title, there is a problem making swap in case I choose ¹alongside installation, ²erase partition or any other way BUT there are no problems in the " erase whole disk " option, which I don’t need because I need DualBoot with Windows since my family could never understand how Linux works.

So, can I even - and if so, how do I allocate swap without Windows getting rekd in the process?
( I already deleted the Kanjaro partition, will reinstall the whole thing again ).

I installed it last night on the partition I had reserved for it and in one moment it froze so badly even the cursor was paralysed. I had FireFox and AppCenter opened.
I searched for answers on-line and found several answers pointed in the " no swap - yes freeze " direction.

I value all the time, effort and guidance. Thank you in advance.

( My level of English is undeveloped, please use simple words while explaining ).

You don’t need an extra partition for swap, instead, you may use a swap file: Swap - ArchWiki

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Thank you for this answer. I’ll look at it and study it since I have no idea what that really means. Is there possibly an option to do it " old fashioned way " as I asked or is this the only way to go?

Sorry if I am being repetitive or asking way too much.

Manual partitioning, i guess…

I don’t understand what the “old fashioned way” is.
You should rephrase what you actually want to do and what your current layout is. To me, it read like you already have all partitions fixed but now want to add swap ⇒ Hence, the swap file.

I actually did explained it pretty much in detail when I posted a question. Thank you for your time nonetheless.

When you select to manually partition - or install alongside another distribution - you must define the setup manually.

However - if you have a swap partition - and the partition is defined as swap partition using the type 0x8200 then the booted system will find the partition automagically. This is how systemd works and as such you don’t need to setup the swap partition in fstab.


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