Manjaro Support Luks2 Version 2.4.0 Timeline

Arch, Debian, Fedora, Mint, Ubuntu distros all support Luks2 version 2.4.0 with Argon2i or LUKS2 with Argon2iD since 2020. Why is your distro so slow at supporting Luks2 with your distro installers? Is there a timeframe when Luks2 will happen in Manjaro so we can stay modern and up to date? Else we will start switching from Manjaro. You guys are so slow for being “bleeding edge or rolling releases” !!!

You seem to display a sense of entitlement that seldom attracts quality feedback.

Some links which may (or may not) be of interest:


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The calamares installer is not developed by Manjaro, but by a whole team of people from various distributions.

Feel free to file a feature request on their GitHub page as soon as you’re done ranting like an arrogant brat.

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