Manjaro sudenly forgets mounting drives on boot up

Up until today morning Manjaro auto-mounted my two extra storage drives. One SSD and another HDD. Then I installed digiKam and selected the pictures folder in the HDD but the database in the SSD. The PC started being slow. I did not think much of it as I though it was generating thumnails,etc. It lock the screen but when trying to unlock it said the password was wrong even though it was not. Restarted the PC and that’s when I notice it did not auto-mounted the other 2 storage options as it used to. I notice they are no longer present/added in the fstab file as before. Only the main ssd when the system is installed is present in fstab. Clicking on the drives on Dolphin mount them. I uninstalled digiKam just in case. I dont know how or why this happened. and I would like it to not happen again in the future.
I am not sure if adding them again to fstab and
sudo chown user:user /run/media/user/harddrive
will fix the issue.
Any guess, answers or suggestions?

had the same issue, after the update to kde 5.25 … go to system settings/removable devices, and check on login and on attach, click apply

What does On Attach means?

when you attach a storage device - usb/hard drive etc - by plugging it into the usb port

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