Manjaro stuck on loading screen after log-in

Hello, I’m quite new to linux (I use windows 10) and I decided to install manjaro in VirtualBox with these setup:

  • Manjaro KDE Plasma (3.70 GB)
  • (VirtualBox) Operating system: Arch Linux x64
  • 4096 MB of memory
  • 32 GB of storage (Fixed size)

Then I install it, then restart the machine.
I did get greeted with the manjaro log-in screen, when I log-in it start to loading with like 70% completed progress bar, but it stuck. I waited for 30 minutes and no changes.

How can I fix this? Sorry for my bad english (in case) and thank you!

Ok guys I successfully Logging in.
I just increase the Processor core (from 1 to 6) and video memory (from 16mb to 64mb) and doesn’t actually know which one worked, but its running and I’m happy :slight_smile:

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