Manjaro stops booting after RT Kernel install

I installed the RT Kernel (second from newest). I did not select it to be used just installed it. After I did that, I thought I’d do a reboot to select that kernel. Manjaro would not reboot, just froze at the Manjaro boot screen with the three flashing dots…

I had to go back to restart the PC with shift and use an earlier kernel.

Why would that happen? All I did was install it, truly, so I cannot see what I may have done wrong?

This seems contradictory … you installed it, but didnt select it, boot was broken, so you then used ‘an earlier kernel’ which was not broken … but you insist you were not booting into the new kernel?
So how did you use the ‘earlier’ one?
Or do you mean yet another kernel that is still earlier (making 3 total)?

If the newly installed kernel was higher version than the current, it was automatically selected for you on next boot.

Well unless Manjaro automatically tried to use the new kernel is all I can think of. I certainly did not manually select it.

I read that you could do it via CLI, apparently a GUI? and via a reboot using shift to select the kernel to use.

So after I installed it, I went straight to a reboot, and that’s when it got stuck at that login screen. So I turned off PC, rebooted using shift and while that new kernel was listed, as it seemed to have issues in booting, I chose an earlier non-RT kernel.

Not sure how that is contradictory to be honest? I mean you do know what contradict means, yes?

meant to quote…

Thanks -that at least explains that!

Not sure what issues this kernel has (with my system - I’m sure others are fine), but it will not boot.

realtime kernels are intended for things like professional media production … if you dont have some specific known good reason then you shouldnt be using them.

I somehow think it actually DOES boot, but just doesn’t “startup” due to your graphics card’s drivers…
Try to switch to a TTY Console when you see that black screen, or it looks like it has frozen.
You will most likely see that the text console still works…