Manjaro stickers...again

I have ordered stickers - I will receive them some time medio January.

Logo on white material €2/pcs including Manjaro donation €1

Logo and text on white material €2.5/pcs including Manjaro donation €1

Logo on transparent material €3/pcs including Manjaro donation €1

Aluminium and cut €4/pcs including Manjaro donation €1

Aluminium €2/pcs including Manjaro donation €1

Letters from Denmark to World

flat rate €6


I will see what I can do :slight_smile:

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I will get back to you on Monday, will order a couple ! Great idea!

We added them now to the FSC shop.


Are people from the Netherlands able to buy stickers via this webshop? It seems there is no add to cart button for me but I am uncertain if that’s the case for everyone or just because of my region.

There is no add to cart because I don’t have them physical yet.

I will update the webshop when they arrive.



Added possiblity of backorder to ensure you get the stickers when they are available.

Maybe adding a pre-order function might help. Also, if possible, adding English translations to some Danish sections of the shop would be great.


There are no shipping options for Australia apparently. I only want a couple of the aluminium logo text stickers, they could probably go in a normal envelope.

Stickers we can send worldwide. As soon as we get them in Denmark we will open the option to order them. With every sticker 1 Euro gets donated to the Manjaro project.

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I’m surprised to see that the “TM” symbol is missing from the logo. I wouldn’t dream of printing stickers of my products without the ®.
Anyway, my suggestion would be that you guys look into this? - v

23,75 € for Shipping to Germany?
1x Logo on white material €2/pcs including Manjaro donation €1
1x Logo and text on white material €2.5/pcs including Manjaro donation €1


Where is the link?
From Denmark is cheaper :slight_smile: < 100g 4 €

or just make sure English is in the Google Translate drop-down.

Hi Hanny, as I wrote already on Twitter, the prices for shipping a letter from Denmark is different as within Germany. Germans are used to low prices for postal services within Germany in general. So lets do a small compartment with Deutsche Post and Post Nord shipping from Denmark to Germany and which versa.

Service Weight Price in €
Post Nord <500g kr. 54.- ~ 7,23
Post Nord <250g kr. 54.- ~ 7,23
Post Nord <100g kr. 27.- ~ 3,61
Dt. Post <500g 3,70 €
Dt. Post <50g 1,50 €

1 Danish Krone equals 0,13 €

We already won’t ship via regular post services and used a mixed calculation for shipping fees within the EU. However, we will optimize our calculations even further. So write me a PM or email if there are still some issues with the calculations. We are open to sort them out for you.

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@philm is the logo actually a registered trademark? I’ve never seen any guidance on placement or usage that indicates it is.

@linux-aarhus those aluminium ones look great, especially the larger manjaro logo with text

@geomanjaro I’m not keen on the quality of sticker mule’s products. I have tried a few of their stickers and usually removed them after a couple of months. The smaller vinyl case badges have a strange notch on one corner that makes them look crooked and stretched when applied even though they aren’t. the larger ones with jagged edges are easy to catch if you wipe the case or notebook with a cleaning cloth or duster and the vinyl breaks off or traps lint. They should use slightly thicker vinyl and stronger adhesives.

I apologize.

I am not used to handle shopping in euro nor to running a webshop. This is very much a learning experience to me - so everyone please bear with me :slight_smile:. Let alone PayPal fees are a killer.

You are absolutely correct. You are not to pay €19 to have some sticker sent, that shipping option is for the bladebook. I have made an error in the shop settings as it have selected that shipping fee.

I cannot edit the order but I can recreate the order with the correct shipping and refund the excess amount or you can add in some stickers if like that option better.

I don’t know yet how much such sticker take on a scale but I have calculated with an average of 10g each which should end up with €4 for 10 stickers and €8 euro for more.

Sticker will be sent using Post Nord but I rounded the fee for easy overview. I will change the €8 to $7 to counter for a .5 rounding rule.


OK, now we found the issue :wink: So everything will get a solution for sure.

When we have about 10g per sticker, we might add some choice selection to the shop software, if possible, to only display in that example Lokal afhentning and Letter Postage 100g. All the other options make not so much sense in that case.

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@micsim35, thank you for your comment about Stickermule quality, in the end I decided to go with @linux-aarhus 's offer of stickers, so while I was the OP on this thread, I’m no longer going to put an order in with Stickermule given:

  • the price and quality of stickers that @linux-aarhus is offering
  • the fact that when buying from him, some money goes to Manjaro

I’m delighted by the traction this thread has got, and once again as a new user, I’m impressed by the Manjaro community. Yet more reasons to want to put those stickes on my laptop.

Well, it is all in-house here. @linux-aarhus is a Manjaro maintainer himself. So it was just logical to partner up with him on this purpose. We all work together on this project and being able to offer stickers in given combination is always a plus. We simply had to start it. With time all gets optimized, as we always split the work effort and call our great experts from each area, marketing, gfx-arts, sales and so on.

Australia added - and it works - yay!

Translation provided by Google - Danish Kurv becomes Curve - should have been Basket - but that’s how it is with AI - they take things face value.

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