Manjaro stable & thunderbird 68.12?

how can I install a newer Thunderbird version in the current KDE stable e.g. TB 68.12.0

does anyone know these IP addresss, it connects when thunderbird starts, also when using an empty profile … when doing a google search it’s shown as blacklisted

OrgNOCName: Fastly Network Operations

I see Thunderbird 81.0b2-1, 80.0b5-1, and 78.2.1-1 in AUR. take a look there if you want to customize your installation.

dont know those ips.

current version is 78.0 & latest from 60s branch is 68.12

Okay… so… remove the Thunderbird 68 installed from the official repository and install one from AUR that matches your desires.

Maybe this one: https:// aur.archlinux. org/packages/thunderbird-bin (remove spaces from url) which is currently at 78.2.1-1 which according to Thunderbird’s official version site is the latest outside of Beta and development streams.

Or, maybe the Testing or Unstable branches of Manjaro will give you what you want: https:// wiki.manjaro. org/index.php?title=Switching_Branches

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