Manjaro secure boot error: operating system had no valid singnature?

I installed the latest manjaro iso with EFUI enabled, according to the manjaro wiki UEFI - Install Guide, the installation complete successfully, when i boot the manjaro got this bios error:
The operating system had no valid signature, incompatible with secure boot.

The only option is shutdown.

That is normal when you have secure boot enabled.

@shams like @linux-aarhus said it is related to Manjaro not using SecureBoot (yet?), so you need to disable it in your BIOS settings.

I don’t think that will happen - because it requires buying into Microsoft certificate chain.

If you really want secure boot enabled - you will have to the work yourself.

You can find instructions to apply a shim to Arch based distributions - you just have to search for it - try the Arch wiki using Secure Boot keyword


I would be interested in implementing secure boot support, but my backlog is too long. I have tasks lined up for the next 3 years or so.

I consulted my notes in another matter and found this with relation to USB stick installattion - I had made a reference to some Arch material

There is an AUR package to build and install

And there is guide to it on Arch wiki

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