Manjaro says I have a wired connection but my internet is not working

While installing Manjaro i3, during the install it stopped and acted as if I had no internet connection so I plugged out my ethernet cable and plugged it back in, i regained a connection long enough for the install to finish but when I finally got into actual Manjaro my internet did not work. Pinging sites would only give back that the destination host was unreachable. Plugging my ethernet cable out and back in did not give me a connection for a short time either.

I had this problem while using a TUI to install Arch as well, it said i was not connected to the internet. I was going to install Debian to see if I had the same problem on that but my USB drive seems to be corrupted or something as I cant format it or flash anything with uNetbootin or balenaEtcher.

Thanks in advance.

Does your router have a firewall? It may see the way Manjaro identifies the NIC as a “foreign” device and is blocking access.

From looking at the routers webpage thing it has an IPv6 Firewall, and it also has a section to create your own firewall rules. I have not added anything there though.

Ok…does Manjaro install a firewall by default? If it’s firewalld it will be misconfigured out of the box and require some minor adjusting.

If it’s installed it will be under the system tools group.


How so? Internet connection has nothing to do with firewall neither ufw or firewalld.