Manjaro RPI4 install process killing SD cards

Manjaro has been the death of two brand new micro SD cards in the past week. Both were not-cheap Sandisk cards which supported wear leveling and all that jazz, and after installing and updating for the first time both went read-only. One was a KDE install and the other was minimal. Although, the slightly cheaper card was running Debian for a while, but that shouldn’t affect the lifetime too much as it didn’t do a whole lot of writing. Why is Manjaro specifically killing my cards?

could be something your doing, i ran sd card for a bit before switching to usb flash drive.
i ran all the rpi4/rpi400 os/desktop versions on my rpi400.
i’m currently messing around with sway.

I don’t think it is.

I’ve been running Manjaro on my server (via SD card) for a long time now and the SD card is still fine.

Manjaro does not do anything other distros do not. We don’t set custom logging levels are anything that would increase the amount of write cycles to the SD card.

i agree, i was surprised /var/log was so minimal.
i was disabling services & checked what was still logging.

This makes me think you were sold fake sandisk cards.

Ive found big hyper markets and malls selling fake ones coz they themselve cannot recognize the difference between the original and copy.

Its very very difficult to find if it’s the original version or not.
I am running a media server on an sd card with manjaro arm kde plasma and it does have decent amount of writes but my card is running 24/7 since more than 6 months.

I expect it to die in a year or little later though.

mine were 24/7 & i got about 2 to 3 years out of them.
i mostly use usb now, but have started using sd’s again, they may run slower, but they run cooler.
i’m just now getting my rpi4 back up & running, downloading i3 with the manjaro-arm-installer.

I think that’s the max you can get and just to remind you the newer cards are coming with cheaper quality materials so i expect it to last max a year or 2.
So saying manjaro is killing the card is not true.

@spikerguy ,

An innocent question. Is it safe to remove jorurnal folder /var/log/journal/? In less than 2 days, on KDE Plasma the journal log has grown to 26 files of 8MB each (i.e. 208MB). Trying to minimize write to SD Card to reduce wear.

Edti: In Manjaro-Arm-XFCE the /var/log/journal/xxxx limit to 4 or 8 files but in KDE the number of files seems to grow every time I boot up (now is 28 files of 8MB).