Manjaro release upgrades

Manjaro is in a weird position where it’s based off a rolling release distro, but unlike it’s origin (arch) which stays relatively still and requires the user to setup all their stuff, manjaro shifts and changes from version to version, with some introducing new features and applications. However, to properly get all these new apps the user needs to flash a new iso, or manually install them of their own discretion. This can make it so users end up in a sort of limbo where their lsb-release says they are on manjaro version 20.1, but they have all the applications and config from version 20.0. It would help if there was a simple package, either a new one or integrated into manjaro-system, that simply installed all these new apps or removed old ones, plus any config that may be changed. Some people may not like it and want their system to remain the same unless they change it, but then they can just uninstall this package and stop receiving these updates. Not only would this make the experience more seamless for users provinding them with new and (hopefully) exciting features and programs but it could also be used to solve at least some of the issues that always crop up in the announcements for releases, and when a user on unstable or testing (such as myself) picks up on it and lets the devs know, as long as their is a solution found it can be added to this package and help alleviate one pain point of arch based distros which is the system maintenance every time something breaks.

This has been discussed before.

Manjaro is not Windows.

System wide changes to themes are applied when the theme updates.

But user’s settings in the home are not changed.

The selection of applications installed rarely changes - with the Gnome as an exception as this edition is under heavy development.

There is no limbo - the core system is the core system - whatever it is named - the most correct naming would be rolling

But as a user you will often apply adjustment to your packages to suit your needs and Manjaro will never install applications as part of an update - unless the package is a dependency of another installed package.

Now this is upside down.

So what you are suggesting is that I should accept random changes to my system and then start over to remove what I don’t like?

The running system is the user’s system and Manjaro don’t touch that. In fact the system is under your control

Manjaro - Under Your Control

If you select 100 random forum members you will see 100 different systems and 100 different ways to do things.

If you do the same on a Windows forum you will get 100 members doing the same thing - the same way.

If you want the theme changes then copy the new defaults to your home

cp -R /etc/skel/.* ~

This not a useful post.


Fair enough, I can definitely see how people would find this invasive, it was just an idea that I was throwing around.
Also, since I posted this I also took a look at the source of manjaro-system and found that is does the whole automating fixes for any known issues which is awesome! I just wish it was updated more often to cover new issues popping up, as the last update was a month ago.