Manjaro reinstallation on a new drive

I want to reinstall Manjaro from scratch, on a new drive while preserving the current functionality. I will need to install packages, configure systemd, restore mount points, crons and pacman’s mirrorlist. I’ can make list of installed packages with pacman -Qqe, save systemd configuration with systemctl list-unit-files and systemctl --type=service. Are there other basic actions I have missed? /home and /usr/local directories are on a separate drive,

This is only marginally helpful when wanting to restore/replicate current functionality.

There is no straightforward way to translate the output of those commands into a change to configuration files that you might have made.

Save the whole /etc directory - to document the changes you made and to know what files you modified - and replicate that on the new install.

/etc is where the system configuration lives … document the changes you made to any files there - and replicate these

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OK, thanks. I was thinking of files not present in /usr/lib/systemd/ due to missing packages, but the red symlinks in /etc/systemd will tell me what is missing. I hope to have the old system disk mounted.